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5.0.UI Patterns    5.4.Status and progress

5.4.Status and progress

For foreseeably longer execution times, the user should be provided with information about the current status of the action through a progress bar or an animated loading image.

5.0.UI Patterns      5.4.Status and progress      5.4.1.Simple loading graphics

5.4.1.Simple loading graphics

A relatively simple option for letting the user know the current status of a longer action is a simple animated image. This could take the form, for example, of a "spinner" or a "simulated" progress bar – simulated in the sense that it does not relate to the actual status. 

While they do not provide a definitive amount of time, at least one of these animated status indicators should be used for all actions that require more than three to four seconds. This is particularly true if due to the technical nature of an application or action the default status indicator in the browser does not provide reliable information.

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Example of loading graphics

    5.0.UI Patterns      5.4.Status and progress      5.4.2.Progressbars


    However, this sort of simple animation does not provide much information if it appears for a longer amount of time. If the process is expected to take a longer amount of time, an option that shows the actual progress should be used. The user will thus have reliable information that something is happening and will be more willing to accept the wait time.

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    Representation of a survey module