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Icons are used to communicate ideas, information or actions. They rapidly communicate a message, support interactivity and draw attention to important information.

Daimler's icon set covers a vast range of topics, from interface actions to transportation and social media iconography. All core icons are available in two visual weights, light and bold. Some icons have additional variants available in a specific weight to give the designer more flexibility.

All icons are available as icon fonts, an easy-to-use format for designers.


Download and install the iconfont.

2.0.Style      2.3.Icons      2.3.1.Icon font

2.3.1.Icon font

Daimler icons are available as two icon fonts, one for light and one for bold icons. Using icon fonts is convenient and easy for designers and performant for developers.

Please refer to resources page to download the icon font.

2.0.Style      2.3.Icons      2.3.2.Streamline Icon set

2.3.2.Streamline Icon set

The icons of the Daimler-CI are based on the 10,000 icons of the Streamline icon library. A selection of the most relevant icons have been converted to the icon font available in this style guide. All remaining icons can be requested as Sketch and Adobe Illustrator design files. Access to those design files can be requested from the COM managers for Online-Media Design or you can join the Streamline Icons Usergroup (link internally available)

For an overview of the complete Streamline icon library, check the official Streamline 3.0 icon preview page. Since there is a sufficient pool of icons, in order to ensure a uniform and CI-compliant presentation of all websites to which this style guide is to be applied, new icons should be avoided.

2.0.Style      2.3.Icons      2.3.3.Icons included in the icon font

2.3.3.Icons included in the icon font

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    Usability hint


    • Use icons to save space and improve recognition in toolbars, functions, and navigation.
    • Icons should always communicate meaning. Don’t overuse them or use them for decoration.
    • Use the 5 second rule: If it takes more than 5 seconds to think of an icon, it will probably be ineffective.