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2.0.Style    2.1.Colors


The Daimler color theme is dominated by a strong contrast between black and white. Petrol and sometimes red are used as accent colors to draw the user's attention or highlight interactive elements.

Try to avoid using vibrant colors in your designs as they are not aligned with the Daimler brand look and feel.

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Black and white are the dominant colors.

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    Petrol and deep red can be used as accent colors.

      2.0.Style      2.1.Colors      2.1.2.Color Hierarchy

      2.1.2.Color Hierarchy

      Primary colors

      Black, light grey and white. Petrol and deep red can be used as accent colors as long as they do not dominate the design.

      • Cool Grey


      • 444444

      • 707070

      • 9e9e9e

      • c8c8c8

      • Petrol


      • 003340

      • 004355

      • 00566a

      • 007a93

      • 5097ab

      • 79aebf

      • a6cad8

      • Black


      • White


      • Deep Red


      • 440e07

      • 5a130a

      • 9f1924

      • ff0000

      • 8c463c

      • aa736e

      • c8a0a0

      • e6d2d2

      Secondary colors

      The secondary colors green and orange are only and exclusively for the usage in feedbacks and notifications if really needed. Otherwise, the usage is strictly permitted.

      • Orange


      • eba550

      • f0be7d

      • f5d2aa

      • fae6d2

      • Green


      • 8cb46e

      • aac891

      • c8dcb4

      • e1ebdc

      2.0.Style      2.1.Colors      2.1.3.Colors for text, links and hover effects

      2.1.3.Colors for text, links and hover effects

      Text on Daimler websites is set in black (#000000) or in pure white (#ffffff). Links in body-text are underlined and colored in petrol (#00677f). Please not that not all links are colored petrol: headlines, buttons and navigational links are still black to preserve the overall monochrome brand appearance of Daimler.

      If the cursor is hovering on top of a black link, the hover color used is #707070. The hover-color for white links is #9e9e9e. Petrol link do not change in color, only the underline is removed.

      • Black link


      • 707070

      • White link


      • 9e9e9e

      • Petrol link


      2.0.Style      2.1.Colors      2.1.4.Color palettes for design apps

      2.1.4.Color palettes for design apps

      For easy and convenient use, you can download predefined colors for Sketch and Photoshop.

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