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Daimler websites and applications use corporate fonts as well as icon-fonts. If you are looking for information on how to use text-styles correctly refer to 2.6. Typography. A complete description of Daimler's iconset can be fond at 2.3. Icons.

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4.1.1.Daimler CS Font Famly

The corporate font is the Daimler CS font family. All necessary font files can be obtained for free from the Daimler Brand Navigator. Due to licensing restrictions, external service providers need to register on the Brand Navigator and then request a download permission.


  1. Head to Daimler Brand Navigator.
  2. Register and request a download permission
4.0.Ressources      4.1Fonts      4.1.2.Iconfonts


For easy and convenient use Daimler's icons are bundled into an icon-font. This way designers have all icons available in one place and it's easy to keep them up-to-date. Web projects gain a performance boost because all icons are downloaded via a single HTTP request.

Download Daimler Iconfonts


Desktop Use

  • Install the /fonts/daimler-icons.ttf font on your computer. This will make the iconset accessible across all applications on your computer.
  • The /demo.html contains an overview of all available icons. Simply open the file in your browser.
  • Icons can be copied and pasted directly from the HTML file into your design. Make sure that you first select daimler-iconfont as the font of your text area.


Web Use

  • The /css/daimler-icons.css file contains all required CSS styling. The /fonts directory contains all webfonts that are referenced in the CSS file.
  • Copy the entire /fonts folder and the /css/daimler.icons.css into your project’s static assets directory (or where ever you prefer to keep front end assets or vendor stuff).
  • Add a reference to the copied /css/daimler-icons.css file into the of each template or page that you want to use the Daimler icon-set on.