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4.1.Bootstrap Theme

The Daimler Bootstrap Theme is a front-end toolkit you can use for prototyping and developing web applications. It contains basic building blocks like text styles, grid, icons, and components like header and footer. By using this Bootstrap theme you ensure that your designs use the correct visual language and are in line with the rest of the Daimler web ecosystem.

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    Install Required Fonts

    The Daimler Bootstrap theme requires the CorpoS-webfonts. You can request to download those fonts at the Daimler Design Navigator.

    Go to Daimler Design Navigator


    Install Daimler Bootstrap Theme

    After you installed the fonts, download the Daimler Bootstrap theme as a ZIP file.

    Download Daimler Bootstrap Theme ZIP


    In the ZIP you will find all necessary files to get started, including CSS styles, JavaScript, and icon-fonts. Simply open and edit the index.html file, which is pre-filled with some demo content.

    4.0.Ressources      4.1.Bootstrap Theme      4.1.2.Usage



    Refer to our theme documentation site regarding usage of styles, components, and JavaScript. For further information you can also take a look at the official documentation from Bootstrap. Note that not all components of Bootstrap are part of the Daimler Bootstrap theme.

    Daimler Bootstrap Theme documentation

    Official documentation from Bootstrap


    Example Content

    You can also take a look at some example pages which use the Daimler bootstrap theme.

    View example pages (internal link only)

    4.0.Ressources      4.1.Bootstrap Theme      4.1.3.Support


    If you have any questions or issues please contact us directly here.