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3.0.Layout    3.6.Mobile devices

3.6.Mobile devices

In general, it should be clear at first glance that an app is provided by Daimler.

For this reason, the Daimler corporate logotype on a silver brushed background, the Daimler color palette and the Daimler icons are fixed components in the design of every app.

When developing apps and mobile websites, however, the specific features of the different operating systems must be taken into account, which involves the placement of operator elements in the form of buttons and other specific features.

3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.1.App icons

3.6.1.App icons

The app icon is the first element the user comes in contact with when searching for, installing and opening an app. It must be clear and intuitive and draw attention to the brand.

In general, brushed silver is used as the background for the app icon with the Daimler corporate logotype placed in the center. There may then be another appellation for the app below the corporate logotype, separated from it by a black line, and a one- or two-line name or explanation of the app.

The dimensions of the icons are based on the requirements of the relevant OS (operating system).

Some Image

Daimler app icon example of Daimler 4You

    3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.2App naming

    3.6.2App naming


    The name of the app is the appellation under which it appears in the various app stores. As a rule, the name can only be a few characters long. For example, the Apple App Store allows 13 characters. For this reason, the name should be concise and focus on the app function.

    The word Daimler in app name

    For Daimler apps the corporate logotype must appear in the app icon (see Sec. 2). Therefore, the name can only describe the function of the app. However, the word Daimler can be used as well if the name of the app is extremely short, such as jobs. In this case, the app can be called Daimler Jobs.

    Text alignment

    If the text alignment is not governed by the relevant operating system, we recommend that the app name be centered under the app icon.

    Prohibitions / no-gos

    The use of the word "app" within the name of the app is prohibited. So the following name is not permitted: Daimler Jobs App.

    Furthermore, the use of all caps is prohibited.
    For example, the following is not allowed: DAIMLER JOBS.

    Name appearing in App Store and Home Screen

    Unlike the pure name of the app, which is visible below the app icons on the Home screen, more information can be accommodated in the App Store. Thus, the actual name is “Daimler jobs” - then the title of the App Store can be: “Daimler Jobs: Your direct access to the current job of Daimler AG”. So additional information about the benefits of the app could be integrated into the headline appearing in the app store.

    Name in the app store and in the home screen

    The description should, at minimum, meet the following criteria:

    • Be short and engaging, but cover the key features
    • Always include screenshots of the app (iTunes Store: up to five images) corresponding to the current version of the app
    • Features of the latest update should be summarized in a separate section at the end of the description
    • Avoid highly complicated technical descriptions

    For Android:

    • In the store, the name of the app can be translated into the relevant language
    • The name of the app is limited to 30 characters in the app store
    • The app name should be the same to avoid confusing users, but they should not be technically linked!

    For Windows:

    • App names are always unique.
    • The developer must indicate this app name in the "manifest" (the central file with key information) of the Windows app, otherwise the download in the store will not work later
    • The app name may not even be displayed on the home screen of the Windows phone.There are three different widget sizes on the home screen. The name is only displayed to the bottom left for normal and large widgets. Only the icon is visible for small widgets.
    • As far as we know, the app name in the overview page is not limited to a specific number of characters; it is simply truncated at the end. This means that, depending on the device, there may only be 20 characters or more available.

    Keyword search terms

    The app store also generally limits the number of terms and characters for search term meta information that can be stored for the app.In the iOS App Store, for example, a maximum of 100 characters is permitted. No keywords are allowed for Android (Google). For Windows apps up to seven terms may be used with a maximum of 30 characters each.

    Mandatory keywords

    The following keywords must be used for all apps: Daimler, Mercedes, Benz, automotive, automobile.

    Additional keywords

    In addition to the mandatory keywords, terms that provide information about the app or app functions should also be stored.

    3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.3.Color scheme

    3.6.3.Color scheme

    The information in Sec. 2.1, Colors applies for apps and mobile devices.

    3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.4.Typography and icons

    3.6.4.Typography and icons

    Daimler CS

    The Daimler CS (Corporate S) is used for all text in an app, i.e. for headings, button text, running text, etc.

    See also: Typography

    Replacement fonts

    If it is not possible to use Daimler CS and replacement fonts are required, COM/IC Web Communications must be consulted in all cases; see contact.


    CI-compliant icons must be used in apps and mobile applications. See Sec. 2.3, "Icons"

    3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.5.Splashscreen


    Splash Screen

    A splash screen is displayed when the app starts. This splash screen is a single image; it is structured as follows:

    • Brushed silver background
    • Daimler corporate logotype in chrome, centered in the upper half
    • App name with short description of the function in the lower third
    Some Image

    The splash screen is a static graphic.

      3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.6.Localization requirements

      3.6.6.Localization requirements

      The choice of language for an app is relevant for the country or language region where it will appear. In all cases, the national language is mandatory. In addition, it is recommended that the key information for the app be provided in English as well, as a fall-back solution.

      Apps that are offered internationally should use English by default.

      3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.7.Notes and "House of Apps"

      3.6.7.Notes and "House of Apps"

      Note about the app process

      The following is mandatory in all cases: When developing an app it is important not only to give consideration to the reasonableness of the concept, usability and design, but also to take account of issues such as legal concerns, metadata (in the form of keyword search terms), localization requirements and release rules.

      House of Apps

      House of Apps is the central authority on all topics related to apps. The official and mandatory development process and thus all relevant information is stored on the House of Apps SharePoint. Note: The URL is only available within the Daimler network.

      Submission of app and technical acceptance test

      Each app must undergo the development process. In the last step – certification (blue listing) – the app is tested and approved. The app is submitted to the app store by the relevant app store account manager.

      Precise information can be found in the documentation for so-called blue listings as well as in the publication/account process. The documentation is available for consultation on the SharePoint: https://team.sp.wp.corpintra.net/sites/00497/ Note: The URL is only available within the Daimler network.

      Legal provisions

      The provisions can be found in the House of Apps – the information is available online internally at: https://team.sp.wp.corpintra.net/sites/00497/Process/Pages/Legal.aspx Note: The URL is only available within the Daimler network

      Customer Support

      The provisions can be found in the House of Apps – the information is available online internally at: https://team.sp.wp.corpintra.net/sites/00497/Process/Pages/CustomerSupport.aspx Note: : The URL is only available within the Daimler network.

      3.0.Layout      3.6.Mobile devices      3.6.8.Example-Layouts Daimler Apps

      3.6.8.Example-Layouts Daimler Apps

      Some Image

      Example of a typical mobile header

        Some Image

        Various example screens of different apps in Daimler CI