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3.0.Layout    3.4.Footer


The footer is a mandatory element for all pages located on the internet, intranet and extranet.

3.0.Layout      3.4.Footer      3.4.1.Intranet and applications

3.4.1.Intranet and applications

At minimum, the footer includes provider information and contact options. Other elements may be placed in the footer, such as version information, system status information or language selection.

3.0.Layout      3.4.Footer      3.4.2.Internet and extranet

3.4.2.Internet and extranet

  • Meta-level information, such as contact, share prices, locations, change language and the legal notice and privacy policy must be placed here.
  • Footer navigation, brand logos, social media channels and the copyright are displayed in the same position globally in the footer.
  • If more than six brand logos must be displayed on each line, they can be arranged in several rows. Brand logos do not have to be displayed; this is a context-dependent option.
  • There are arrows before the links within the footer. The link turns black when the user interacts with it.
Some Image

Example of the footer for internet and extranet sites.

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