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3.7.Daimler Bootstrap Theme

Within the framework of the Online Style guide, a "Daimler Bootstrap Theme" is available for download.

Bootstrap is a popular CSS and layout framework that includes, in particular, the topics of responsiveness, layout grid and numerous standard components such as buttons, dialogs, alerts, tabs, etc. It also provides numerous JavaScript components.

The basic idea is that by incorporating the modified Daimler Bootstrap theme, all CSS classes can be used exactly as described in the bootstrap documentation - and a correct and styleguide-compliant representation of the components used is automatically guaranteed. All HTML snippets and examples can be used 1:1. This makes the framework ideal for prototyping and for the quick creation of mockups.

Daimler Bootstrap-Theme

Theme contents

The available download mainly contains the relevant CSS files, jQuery as well as the icon fonts.

Note on fonts:

The required CorpoS web fonts are not included in the zip file and must be downloaded separately from the Daimler Design Navigator: 

CorpoS Webfonts Daimler Brand & Design Navigator

Sample pages

Here you will find various application examples with tables, forms, etc. (Currently only available internally):

Daimler Bootstrap-Theme sample pages