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1.0.Introduction    1.3.Principles


The Ecosystem follows clear principles. The visual design is based on elements of Swiss typography and thus adheres to the basic principles of functionality and clarity of fonts, text layout and general information architecture.

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    Clean lines, a clear user interface and a structured appearance ensure a holistic and pleasant user experience.

    The palette of colors, with silver as the main color, should be kept to a minimum. This is the basis for a consistent visual appearance. Brushed metal represents high tech and conveys a sense of authority, strength and innovation.

    The visual appearance is rounded out with various light gray, petrol and various shades of deep red as well as black. The polished chrome Daimler logotype in conjunction with brushed metal underscores our commitment to the highest standards.

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      Daimler CS is used as the font in a limited number of font sizes. It is available as a web font for all Daimler projects. A generous amount of white space, pleasing font sizes, wide spaces between text blocks and line spacing are a sign of high quality and ensure that content can be read quickly.

      There is also an icon library, the key elements of which are available in an icon font set.

      In general, the Ecosystem avoids design elements as well as gradients as a visual style element. Clearly focused, emotional imagery should be given preference.

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      In design free space is used as an equal design element. The background is primarily white. - Adequate white space grants a greater impact for instructional content, it provides a better guidance for the user and generates a better absorb of the information.