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1.0.Introduction    1.1.Overview


The Daimler digital style guide provides a collection of design resources, components and guidelines that guide you through the process of creating new digital products in the Daimler ecosystem.

If you are looking for resources that go beyond digital media, visit the Daimler Brand & Design Navigator.


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    1.0.Introduction      1.1.Overview      1.1.1.Get Started

    1.1.1.Get Started

    Below you find a list of essential design resources from Daimler. By using them you will be able to create beautiful, accessible and consistent digital experiences.



    Understand Daimler's grid system to adapt your designs to any screen size, ensuring consistency across layouts.



    The basic visual building blocks you need to build a digital Daimler product.


    Header design

    All external websites and applications are to be designed according to these specifications.



    Access the Daimler icons, available for different formats.



    A library of components, usage guidelines and example implementations.



    Ready-to-use fonts, icons and Sketch files that will help you designing Daimler experiences.