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1.0.Introduction    1.2.Objectives


The Daimler Online Ecosystem ensures that users have a uniform and seamless experience. It also defines general rules and recommendations that are valid for all digital channels in order to create a clear visual identity for the company.

Based on this uniformity of user experience, the basic principles of usability, the ease of access to information and the functions offered on a site or application should be taken into account to ensure that users are able to find and access their preferred content quickly and easily.

In order to meet the different requirements of the various site concepts and applications the Online Ecosystem works with modules, or elements that can be combined as needed.

In general, sites should follow the principles of responsive design and generally take account of the screen sizes of the various types of devices that their users typically use. For example, the corporate website is offered for all viewport sizes, while applications with a smaller number of users and defined work situations may only have one viewport size.

Further information about general corporate communication, the corporate image and working with other media can be found in the Daimler Brand & Design Navigator.

Some Image

Examples of the various viewports on daimler.com

From left to right: Desktop with more than 1023 px, tablet with less than 1024 px, mobile with 641 px and less