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1.0.Introduction    1.7Legal Requirements

1.7Legal Requirements

All Websites in the Daimler ecosystem must all follow the same guidelines for privacy notices, provider identification and cookie management. The following downloads are text templates for different languages that need to be integrated into the web pages.


Cookies: Before Cookies are stored locally on the computer by site visitors, the legally required cookie layer must be displayed. This links to a separate "Cookies Page", where from the whole Cookie Management can be read. 


Privacy Policy: The privacypolicy contains the guidelines for GDPR, a contact to the data protection officer and the notes as a PDF download. The page can be found via the "Provider / Privacy" icon in the header of the page and refers to a separate "Privacy Policy" Page.


Information: The Provider Information can also be accessed via the "Provider / Privacy" icon in the Header and drives you to a separate "Provider and Legal" Page.

1.0.Introduction      1.7Legal Requirements      1.7.1Placement of provider identification and legal notices

1.7.1Placement of provider identification and legal notices

The Provider/Privacy link is a mandatory element for all external sites. It must be placed in the header next to the "i" Icon. This link must always be placed in the upper right-hand portion of the header component. If there are different viweport sizes for a site the word/icon combination must be used for the tablet (portrait mode) and desktop versions. The linked "i" icon can only be reduced to a clearly visible size in the smartphone viewport.

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After clicking on the link or icon a notice will appear with links to statements regarding legal information, information about cookies and the data protection policy.

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    1.0.Introduction      1.7Legal Requirements      1.7.2Licensed Imagery

    1.7.2Licensed Imagery

    When using visual materials, ensure that the styles and Formats are uniform. In Addition, less is often more. Use only licensed material.

    It ist important to make sure that you do not use any googled footage or without a sufficient license. Of Course, this also applies if an application can only be accessed on the Intranet. Please also note that the persons depicted have given their consent for publication.

    Absolutely no Google images and no unlicensed images may be used. This rule applies even if an application is only available on the intranet.

    1.0.Introduction      1.7Legal Requirements      1.7.4.Further legal provision

    1.7.4.Further legal provision

    The provisions can be found in the House of Apps - Legal information (Note: The URL is only available within the Daimler Network.)