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1.6Design Requirements

Before you start any project, it is very important that you know and follow our Design Requirements. Without that your product cannot be considered for further developments.  

Please read below:

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    A - Legal Requirements

    You are required to provide information regarding provider, privacy and cookies management. This information is available through the "Provider/Privacy"-icon in the website Header.

    Read more about legal requirements



    B - Header and Logo

    The header is identical on all websites in the Daimler ecosystem. It contains the logo, a language switch, links to provider and privacy policy, search and navigation links. As a Header scales down to fit smaller screen sizes, it's navigational links transform into a navigation-drawer.

    Read more about the header component

    Find the Daimler logo



    C - Typography

    Daimler´s brand font is the Corporate S font, which can be downloaded on the Daimler Brand Navigator. Headlines on Images are placed on a White or black multiline Background. Bodytext is surrounded by a large amount of whitespace, giving it breathing room and increasing readability.

    Read more about the Typography



    D - Icons

    For convenient use, Daimler icons are offered as icon-fonts in two different stroke-weights.

    Read more about the Icons 



    E - Image formats and ratios

    When using visual materials, ensure that the ratios and formats are uniform. Recommended aspect ratios are 1:1, 2:1 and 16:9. A wide range of official image material is available in the Daimler Media Portal.

    Read more about the Image formats



    F - Color

    The General Daimler look and feel is dominated by monochrome colors and a high black and white color contrast. Petrol and red are accent colors which are used very sparingly.

    Read more about colors



    G - Grid

    Daimler Websites use the Bootstrap grid. This grid system is build around four fixed breakpoints, from small mobile devices up to large desktop viewports. Using the grid system ensures that all components are freely combinable and behave uniformly.

    Read more about the Grid



    H - Footer

    The specific Content of the footer varies from website to website. However some elements are present on all Websites: social media channels, footer navigation, copyright and brand logos.

    Read more about the Footer