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1.0.Introduction    1.xThe Daimler Corporate Logotype

1.xThe Daimler Corporate Logotype

The 3D-simulated corporate logotype is always on the silver-colored brushed surface, which resembles the look of a brushed stainless steel surface. Placing the 3D corporate logotype on another background is not permitted. The corporate logotype must not be used as a label or artistic styling element for image content, backgrounds or teasers. It serves to communicate the company Daimler as the clear provider of the offer in the highest hierarchy.

In exceptional cases the symbol can be in black on a very light subfont [1] or in negative white on a dark background [2]. This exception applies if the use of the brushed surface cannot be guaranteed.

Placing the corporate logotype on image content is not permitted.
The corporate logotype must not be used solitarily or as a background.

The Daimler corporate logotype is compulsory in applications which communicate publicly. Please note that applications or intranet sites that will only be used internally do not use the Daimler corporate logotype. The categorization is to be assigned through the use of a prominent instruction in text here. The use of the corporate logotype in the header of internal and external applications is defined under 3.2. Header.

You can find further information on the Daimler corporate logotype in the Daimler Design Navigator.

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Please note: The corporate logo is a graphic item that must not be altered. Any form of deviation in the word mark from the Corporate CA font or another font is not allowed.