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1.0.Introduction    1.10.Cloud based Software

1.10.Cloud based Software

When using cloud-based sites and applications, it must be checked in advance and ensured that the software can be adapted to the basic requirements of the Daimler CI. The following points are briefly outlined.

1.0.Introduction      1.10.Cloud based Software      1.10.1.Headergestaltung


As a matter of principle, the header should be designed in accordance with the Group's standard format.

Details under: "Header design and navigation".

1.0.Introduction      1.10.Cloud based Software      1.10.2.Footer


Especially with externally offered cloud services, the recommendations for the content and design structure of the footer have to be considered.

Detailed information can be found in the "Footer" section.

1.0.Introduction      1.10.Cloud based Software      1.10.3.Typography and Icons

1.10.3.Typography and Icons

Use of the web variant of the corporate font "Daimler CS" is recommended.

Information and notes for download can be found under "Typography".

In addition, the usual Daimler icons should be used. Here you can download the iconset in the chapter "Icons".

1.0.Introduction      1.10.Cloud based Software      1.10.4.Colors and Layout

1.10.4.Colors and Layout

In addition to the above elements, it is relevant that the colors of the Daimler CI are used. The color codes can be copied directly from the "Colors" page. In addition, palettes for Adobe programs are available. These can be downloaded under "Adobe color palettes".

White space should be used generously for the page layout and the information on the responsiveness of the sites should be observed. See "Layout".

1.0.Introduction      1.10.Cloud based Software      1.10.5.Use of images

1.10.5.Use of images

If images are used within the application, the following two points must be observed:

1.0.Introduction      1.10.Cloud based Software      1.10.6Additional information

1.10.6Additional information

The above points should be taken into account for cloud-based software solutions. In addition, it is recommended to also consider the other points described in the Components section.

For further information and enquiries see "Contacts".