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Daimler uses the Daimler CS (Corporate S) house font, with the font styles Regular and Demi used on the web. Text with a layout that is not too dense and a font size that is not too small make it easier to read and increase the likelihood that the site will be read.

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Font styles used atwww.daimler.com

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    Fonts and colors must be used uniformly in line with requirements for all content and application component

    • In general, the Daimler CS web font should be used as the basic font. The various Daimler CS font styles and web fonts can be found in the Daimler Brand & Design Navigator.
    • If Daimler CS cannot be used for technical reasons, the Windows system font "Segoe UI" should be used.
    • Only one of these two fonts should be used in an application. Other fonts, such as Tahoma, Verdana and Trebuchet, are not permitted.
    • As with the recommended font sizes, there should be  if other font definitions are used  a clearly defined hierarchy of header levels (H1-H3 and running text) as well as a sufficient contrast and the proper amount of space between lines and paragraphs.

    Note: The Daimler CS web fonts can be downloaded by registered users via the Daimler Brand & Design Navigator after additional authorization has been granted by the administrator. The web fonts have been licensed for all projects directly related to Daimler.

    Daimler Brand & Design Navigator

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    Examples of some exemplary headlines

      Usability hint

      To ensure accessibility the level of contrast should be taken into account when defining fonts. For example, there must be sufficient contrast for a font on a gray background. While lighter fonts are considered more "aesthetic" or "stylish", purely visual considerations should always be subordinated to user-friendliness in this case, readability.

      If you are not sure, you can use an appropriate calculator (such as the Online Colour Contrast Check); the contrast ratio should always be at least WCAG 2 AA-compliant (contrast ratio 4.5:1).