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The Daimler Digital Ecosystem also defines a set of web icons that can be used on all digital platforms. These icons have been tailored to fit in optimally with the overall corporate design, in particular the Daimler font family. If necessary, icons not included in the standard set can be requested (see contact).

Particularly for applications there is a basic set of icons. The icons can be used for either buttons or simple text buttons.

  • Icons from other sources may not be used. In particular, this is to ensure a uniform corporate design, but it is also related to copyright questions.
  • Assuming it is technically feasible, only the Streamline icons provided for download here may be used. They are also available for download as an icon font.

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Selection of icons from the basic icon set

  • DownloadIcons as PSD

There are about 10.000 of icons available in three different weights available for complex applications. The Daimler CI icons are based on Streamline icons and are available in various image file formats.

A new fontset for web usage will be available within 1st quarter 2019. If icons will be needed for development of online media please contact the responsible persons at COM.

Please see a preview of the Streamline 3.0 icons.

Because there is a sufficient number of icons available, and in order to ensure that all websites subject to this style guide have a uniform appearance in line with the CI, new icons should not be created.

Usability hint

  • Adhere to established metaphors when selecting icons. For example, using a magnifying glass for anything other than a search would be confusing to users. Users can immediately identify a disk as the "save" function (even though the disk has long since been replaced as a storage medium).
  • Furthermore, different icons should be used for different functions. This makes it more likely that the icon will perform as expected, i.e., users know what will happen when they click on an icon.
  • Not all icons are self-explanatory, particularly icons used to access complex or application-specific actions.  For this reason, each icon should be accompanied by an explanatory tooltip.