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2.0.Style    2.1.Colors


The goal of the combination of colors is to convey versatility and vitality. In addition to the brushed silver background, the dominant colors are black, light gray and petrol.

In design, blank space is used as a design element. In doing so, the background is primarily left white. The colors of the deep red scale are used to a lesser extent as a fill color or for special notes.

2.0.Style      2.1.Colors      2.1.1Color scale

2.1.1Color scale

Daimler AG uses a wide range of color gradations. However, the basic colors and the color temperature within the layout should be very muted and used as accents. Special attention should be paid to the color hierarchy, which has silver at the top.

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Complete color range of Daimler AG

    2.0.Style      2.1.Colors      2.1.2.Color hierarchy

    2.1.2.Color hierarchy

    If, for example, several teasers are combined, light gray should be used as the basic color and complemented with petrol. The feeling conveyed by different colors should be vivid but not overwhelming.

    • Cool Grey


    • 444444

    • 707070

    • 9e9e9e

    • c8c8c8

    • Petrol


    • 003340

    • 004355

    • 00566a

    • 007a93

    • 5097ab

    • 79aebf

    • a6cad8

    • Black


    • White


    • Deep Red


    • 440e07

    • 5a130a

    • 9f1924

    • ff0000

    • 8c463c

    • aa736e

    • c8a0a0

    • e6d2d2

    Secondary colors
    The secondary colors green and orange are only and exclusively for the usage in feedbacks and notifications if really needed. Otherwise, the usage is strictly permitted.

    • Orange


    • eba550

    • f0be7d

    • f5d2aa

    • fae6d2

    • Green


    • 8cb46e

    • aac891

    • c8dcb4

    • e1ebdc


    Farbanteile innerhalb des Farbspektrums

      2.0.Style      2.1.Colors      2.1.3.Web color palettes for Adobe programs

      2.1.3.Web color palettes for Adobe programs