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3.0.Components    3.15.Video


The use of videos engages the user and gives a quick, clear and more dynamic understanding of the message you want to pass through.

Videos motivate and excite users, which impacts positively the traffic to your website, and strengthens the bond with the Brand.

3.0.Components      3.15.Video      3.15.1.Videos on the intranet

3.15.1.Videos on the intranet

Keep in mind that there are infrastructure limitations on the intranet like the maximum file size of 50-60 MB.

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Daimler video on the intranet

    3.0.Components      3.15.Video      3.15.2.Videos on the internet

    3.15.2.Videos on the internet

    It is recommended for all sites and applications that are available on the internet that videos be integrated via the Daimler YouTube channel. Be sure to have the rights to all images of people as well as the reproduction of images and sounds to avoid copyright problems.

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    Daimler video on the internet

      3.0.Components      3.15.Video      3.15.3.Download Resources

      3.15.3.Download Resources

      Designs of the Video component are available for Sketch and integrated in the Daimler Design Kit. You can either copy paste them into your designs or use the Sketch file as a linked library and import the symbols.

      See the Sketch Design Kit