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6.0.Components    6.9.Pager


Longer list views should be divided onto individual pages for the sake of clarity and to reduce loading times.

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Example of pagers for Daimler media site

    • For master detail scenarios (i.e. when clicking on a list entry that opens a detailed view), it should be ensured that after returning from the detailed view to the list view again the last selected page is accessed.
    • Ideally, the pager should provide not only the number of pages, but also the number of entries (e.g., "entries 100–200 of 400").
    • If there are a lot of pages, a summary can be provided to save space. For example: "1–10 | 11–20 | 21–30 |".
    • If it is foreseeable that the lists will be very long (for example, search result lists with descriptive text), the pager should be included both above and below the list.
    • The initial and final entry should be inactivated if the user cannot navigate forward or backward at the beginning or end of the pager.
    • If there are a lot of search results, linking to the first and last page is helpful for the user.
    • For long search results pages it is advisable to offer the user a choice of how many entries are visible.