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6.0.Components    6.6.Menus


Popover-menus can be used to organize functions while saving space.

Some Image

Example of a dropdown menu

    Usability hint

    • When implementing menus or popup menus the components should be sufficiently robust, i.e. they should not flicker or inadvertently disappear. Users should not be confused about the correct function to select.
    • Menus are opened solely by clicking on them, not with a mouseover. This prevents the menu from inadvertently being displayed and hidden. It is also better suited for tablets.
    • The cursor should be adjusted accordingly.
    • Entries should be sorted in a sensible manner. If there are few selection options, we recommend that you provide the most frequently selected items at the beginning of the list; for longer selection lists, an alphabetical list is often the most appropriate.
    • The selection lists in a menu should not exceed a certain number of entries. If necessary, a second hierarchy level should be considered.
    • The selection of the menu option should be highlighted in color when it is moused over (background color: internal sites: petrol; external sites: black).