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6.0.Components    6.16.Graphics and infographics

6.16.Graphics and infographics

Infographics help present content in a quick and simple manner by combining images with text. They are easier to grasp than a long article. In general, these elements must be developed in accordance with the Daimler CI guidelines.

 General use of:

  • Daimler colors
  • Daimler house font
  • Daimler icon library (where appropriate)
  • Design as pure 2D graphics
  • Ensure that font sizes can be read on mobile devices; different versions can be used for different viewports.
  • Emphasis on light gray, various shades of petrol and black and white
  • Do not use brushed metal background for all types of graphics!
Some Image

Examples of CI-compliant infographics

  • DownloadIllustrator example file

More examples

Some Image

    Tips for infographics:

    • Focus on conveying content and relationships
    • Infographics must be uniform for the same topic
    • It must be easy to understand for people not affiliated with Daimler
    • Use of generally understandable pictograms
    • The graphics must be fully visible on the screen page

    Graphics on Daimler websites must also meet the demanding expectations of external visitors. It is therefore recommended that you contact Online CI if you have any doubts.

    There are still very few infographics in use at present. Existing CI-compliant elements can be downloaded via the link below.

    Additional information about designing graphics can also be found in the Daimler Design Navigator.