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3.0.Components    3.6.Footer


The footer is an element located at the bottom of a webpage (internet, intranet and extranet) and is used to help or guide the user by adding information and navigation options. When choosing what to integrate in the footer, be sure to meet the business goals and to add useful links that are convenient to the user.

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    3.0.Components      3.6.Footer      3.6.1.Structure


    The footer consists of several components. Elements C and E are consistent across all Daimler platforms. The remaining elements A, B and D contain platform-specific information.


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      A - Social Media Logos

      This section contains the most relevant social media channels of Daimler or your sub-brand.


      B - Meta Information

      This optional area allows for a maximum of three columns of information. The content can be platform-specific. This example features the current share price, some service links and a SEO-relevant "about" text. The Daimler media portal uses this area to display important contact information. It is also possible to remove this section entirely.


      C - Hygienic Links

      Section C contains legal and required links like the language switch, provider information and the sitemap. Those links are the same on all platforms and should not be changed.


      D - Brand Logos

      It is possible to place related brand logos here. Using brand logos helps to build up trust with the users and shows the whole brand umbrella of related Daimler brands.


      E - Footnotes

      This is the area in which legally required footnotes are placed.

      3.0.Components      3.6.Footer      3.6.2.Responsive behaviour

      3.6.2.Responsive behaviour

      The footer uses different design patterns to enable responsive behaviour of all elements. Social media icons (A), hygienic links (C) and brand logos (D) are displayed in two columns on small viewports. Meta information (B) is hidden inside accordions to save space.

      When designing custom content for the meta section, make sure the content has a correct behaviour on mobile displays and is hidden inside accordions.

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        3.0.Components      3.6.Footer      3.6.3.Intranet and applications

        3.6.3.Intranet and applications

        • The footer should at least include provider information and contact options.
        • You can integrate information like version information, system status information or language selection.
        3.0.Components      3.6.Footer      3.6.4.Internet and extranet

        3.6.4.Internet and extranet

        • Be sure to present meta-level information, such as contact, share prices, locations, change language and the legal notice as well as the privacy policy must be placed here.
        • Footer navigation, brand logos, social media channels and the copyright are displayed in the same position globally in the footer.
        • If more than six brand logos must be displayed on each line, they can be arranged in several rows. Brand logos do not have to be displayed; this is a context-dependent option.
        • There are arrows before the links within the footer. The link turns black when the user interacts with it.


        3.0.Components      3.6.Footer      3.6.5.Download Resources

        3.6.5.Download Resources

        Designs of the Footer component are available for Sketch and integrated in the Daimler Design Kit. You can either copy paste them into your designs or use the Sketch file as a linked library and import the symbols.

        See the Sketch Design Kit