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6.0.Components    6.3.Data tables

6.3.Data tables

6.0.Components      6.3.Data tables      6.3.1.Tables


Lists and tables are the central components of all database-supported applications. So it is very important that lists be implemented with great care  with the necessary space for the information that is presented and uniform placement of functional elements, such as sorting and filtering.

Simple table

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Table with column header

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    Table with column and row header

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      Styled complex table

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        Table with interactive additional functions

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          6.0.Components      6.3.Data tables      6.3.2.Lists


          Usability hint

          Users should be able to sort search results, for example, by type, date or site. If there is no sorting option, filtering according to these criteria is also helpful (Daimler intranet search example).

          6.0.Components      6.3.Data tables      6.3.3.General data

          6.3.3.General data

          General information should also be arranged in table form, where possible, or grouped in uniform rows along the grid.

          Some Image

          List of figures module

            6.0.Components      6.3.Data tables      6.3.4.Preview of the relaunch of the new www.daimler.com

            6.3.4.Preview of the relaunch of the new www.daimler.com

            The following preview provides a taster of the new visual language of www.daimler.com. For the current date of revision (01.02.2018) certain sections of the website have already been implemented in this look, and other sections will follow and be replaced one by one.



            Simple table

            Some Image

              Complex table

              Some Image