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Very similar to tabs in terms of how they are used are accordions and other folding elements, the vertical version of horizontal tabs.

Accordions offer an effective way to structure related topics and provide an overview, in the form of the name, of what information is available in the accordions.

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Example and features of an accordion module

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6.0.Components      6.11.Accordion      6.11.1.Preview of the relaunch of the new www.daimler.com

6.11.1.Preview of the relaunch of the new www.daimler.com

The following preview provides a taster of the new visual language of www.daimler.com. For the current date of revision (01.02.2018) certain sections of the website have already been implemented in this look, and other sections will follow and be replaced one by one.

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Example of an accordion module in the new design

    Usability hint

    • Ideally, accordion panels will maintain their last status when the user returns to the page.
    • Studies of users have shown that individual links tend to be overlooked when multiple accordion elements in different states (folded and unfolded) are visible. For this reason, we recommend that individual links be placed above the accordion and all accordions folded by default. This will allow the area/module to appear tidier and clearer. This is particularly true if it cannot be clearly determined what content is the most relevant for the user.